Sunday, April 8, 2012

So I might get in trouble for this one...

I don't know what will happen ( I am assuming nothing, especially since a not to many folks read my blog) but this art show was by far one of my top favorites of the semester! Its amazing all the things you get to do on this program, and they go beyond that in teaching you what you can do on your own. Visiting art exhibits, shows and galleries can be entirely free most of the time depending on when you go. I just have to share some of these powerful images with you all.

Also, sorry for the glare and bad angles on some of them, I was trying to just take quick shots of ones that I liked. It was so hard to choose, and If you would like to see more photos from the show, shoot me an email at or visit my facebook page. ps still working on the whole flickr concept. :)

Riffs by Yto Barrada at The Rennaissance Society at The University of Chicago

This piece is just cool.

I loved this one because I love trees and treehouse concepts.

I love artwork about children it can just be so moving. The whole show was just inspirational, and I think one of the main reasons I connected with it was because it was photography, which I generally really like. What inspires you and what do you usually like? Peace.

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