Monday, March 5, 2012

If I meet one more alumni I swear I'll...

...Love my school more than ever! No seriously, maybe it's because I live in the midwest, maybe it's because a lot of Alumni end up in Chicago, but I swear Everytime I talk to anyone and tell them what school I go to, they know someone who went there. If it wasn't themselves that went their, it's always their sister's ex boyfriend, their Aunt, their best friend's cousin, I could go on.

So today I have a short story that may not have all that much to do with Chicago, except if it weren't for the ACM program, I would not have met this person. Additionally, my spirits turned themselves around a bit yesterday, and I've had good motivation both yesterday and today, which is giving me the energy to write this. I'm glad, because I was very sullen last week.

Apologies, to the point. So today, I met Heather. She is one of the program associate's for ACM, and manages a bunch of the study abroad programs. I was at the ACM office today (The one on Wacker Dr, not the Chicago program office) and I thought it was cool when I found out she was an Alum, but I think she was more intrigued than I was, as she came up to me and started asking about my majors! It was so nice to be able to talk to someone who knows Lake Forest, the campus, certain inside references, ect. And I think she liked hearing about things that were currently going on. I mean, unless Alumni are visiting my campus for the purpose of talking to students, I never really know what to say to an alum in an offbeat setting, because sometimes they are just not interested. I was super glad she initiated the conversation, and I think I ended up taking up half her lunch break with all my babbling! Let's just say we talked for a while. She gave me some good advice, made me feel connected, and gave me hope for still being connected to my school, even after I graduate.

It's the little encounters like these, where I had planned to be home by a little after 12 but didn't end up leaving the ACM office til 12:45, that just make my days worth while. It boosted my mood, and again it was another opportunity taken in the spur of the moment and so worth it. Maybe I will start connecting with more Alumni. Peace.

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